Mal was anderes: Hexenmeister leert den Hof der Sterne im Alleingang

am 05.01.2017 - 09:53
Dass irgendwelche Todesritter Dungeons und Raids im Alleingang durchstreifen, ist keine Neuheit mehr. Doch wenn es dann mal eine andere Klasse schafft, lohnt es sich doch einmal genauer hinzuschauen. Der Spieler Ohyouronfire hat nun ein Video veröffentlicht, in dem er zeigt, dass auch Hexenmeister dazu im Stande sind großes zu vollbringen. So räumte er nämlich den aktuellen Dungeon Hof der Sterne, der bekanntlich nur im mythischen Modus zur Verfügung steht, allein mit Hilfe seines Dämons leer. Eine beachtliche Leistung! 

Wer es selbst mal versuchen möchte, für den hat Ohyouronfire unter dem Video auf Youtube eine genaue Beschreibung hinterlassen, wie er die verschiedenen Herausforderungen angegangen ist. Das Video liefert da natürlich auch schon einige Hinweise. Die genauen Infos haben wir euch folgend eingefügt. Jedoch sind sie in englischer Sprache verfasst.

Beschreibung von Ohyouronfire

I don't have alchemy so no cheesing first boss. Go light on DPS because at 75% he summons adds based on towers left. If you break the towers then this is a joke. 

As I am terrible adds get spawned. This is when I burned drums with Wreaked Havoc to burst them down. I also get stunned because I'm just amazing at this game. 

At 25% assuming you aren't an alchemist then he gets a buff. Focus on keeping your void up, and if you had 0 adds spawn then save your drums for this phase instead. You want to kill him fast before he gets lucky, and one shots your tank. 

Trash is done in the most boring manner possible. Enslave the lesser demon, and let the others in the pack kill it. Feel free to be naked for this to avoid repair cost. 

In bigger packs banish then enslave. Sisters are good at killing the inquisitors, and Fel Hounds are good at killing the imps. 

Pull enforcers to the house so you can duck to the side to avoid detonation. 

Mini Bosses. Cutya did the most damage, and the felguard the least. Pretty boring. 

Literally no buffs spawned for my class/professions so that was cool. 

2nd boss is the easiest in the dungeon. Pull her back, and burn drums. Take Service to interrupt a wither, or two despite the dps loss on it. You'll dps the boss a bit, and then heal your pet until the add spawns. Since it's just you there's one add. Havoc chaos bolts it's face for great justice, and go back to the boss. The end. 

There's a murder mystery can you solve the caper?

Final boss would have been easier with literally any buffs. It's like playing a bullet hell game eventually. 

At any rate wait until he starts moving to port to miss the bleed, or have him be on the other side. It gets hectic though so this is kind of hard. Save your defensives for if you get the bleed. 

Use your port as often as you can, but as soon as you port move off of it to lessen the chance that a stun cloud spawns on it. 

As I am terrible I let havoc fall off (I have the cloak), which lowers my damage, but it gets to the point where I'm doing a lot of life draining. A lot. He will aoe blades, and then charge right afterwards, and then do his line attack, and then attack, and start over. 

This means that your pet will take little damage this fight unless he gets hit in the back. I only had to heal mine twice at the start trying to get him to the right position. 

There are times I took the stun because it was better for me to be stunned 3 seconds than to take the bleed. 

As I am awesome I lose a lot of blood (I dodged 12 times, and got hit 4 which isn't that bad) because seriously where am I going to stand. I'm sure a better warlock could do it, but I am mediocre so you get what you get. 

Then the game gives me a bonus roll on the one item I don't need, and I get no loot from any of the bosses either because Happy New Year to you too. 

It's worse because it's bracers of which I have literally 4 world quests for that do me no good. 

Sure would be nice to upgrade some gear at some point. 

Oh well hope that helped, and at least I got my quest done...yay

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